Essex County Regional Emergency Communications Center
Fire Advisory Board

September 14, 2011

The Essex County Regional Emergency Communications Center Fire Advisory Board held a public meeting on September 14, 2011 at Angelica’s Restaurant, 49 South Main Street, Middleton, MA 01949 at 8:30AM.

Board Members Present:
Chief Ronald Giovannacci – Topsfield Fire
Chief Jonathan Brickett – Amesbury Fire
Chief Frank Twiss – Middleton Fire
Chief Daniel Doucette – Essex Fire
Chief Robert Blanchard – Wenham Fire
Chief Paul Cotter – Beverly Fire

The Fire Advisory Board meeting was called to order at 8:42AM.


MOTION:  Chief Brickett moved to approve the meeting minutes of August 10, 2011 as written.  Chief Doucette seconded the motion.  Motion carried unanimously. 


Kimball Associates met with all six communities and obtained additional information relative to communications, computer aided dispatch, and records management system needs through surveys, site visits and meetings with local officials. 


Chief Giovannacci attended a recent meeting concerning microwave technology for the Essex County RECC project.  A suggestion was made to look to NERAC and EOPS for support to strengthen the microwave signal throughout the region.  Currently, there is no high-power public safety grade microwave signal on the North Shore. 


Chief Giovannacci reported there was a meeting at the Essex County Correctional Facility with DCAM, along with the architect and the general contractor for the construction project on September 13, 2011.  A construction trailer will be on the site in the next two weeks, and preliminary site work will begin.  A groundbreaking ceremony will be scheduled on the site during the first week of October.  The project is scheduled for completion in 365 days.
Chief Giovannacci reported on the status of the search for a RECC director.  To date, more than 50 applications have been received and the hiring process will begin in the near future.


The next meeting of the Fire Advisory Board will be held at Angelica’s Restaurant on October 12, 2011 at 8:30AM.


MOTION:  There being no further business, Chief Brickett moved to adjourn the meeting at 9:25AM.  Chief Blanchard seconded the motion.  Motion carried unanimously. 

Respectfully submitted,

Chief Frank W. Twiss
Recording Secretary