Essex County Regional Emergency Communications Center
Fire Advisory Board

May 11, 2011

The Essex County Regional Emergency Communications Center Fire Advisory Board held a public meeting on May 11, 2011 at Angelica’s Restaurant, 48 South Main Street, Middleton, MA 01949 at 8:30AM.

Board Members Present:
Chief Ronald Giovannacci – Topsfield Fire
Chief Jonathan Brickett – Amesbury Fire
Chief Frank Twiss – Middleton Fire
Chief Paul Cotter – Beverly Fire
Chief Daniel Doucette – Essex Fire
Chief Robert Blanchard – Wenham Fire

Others Present:
 Joseph McGowan – Essex County Sheriff’s Department
Kurt Robarts – Essex County Sheriff’s Department
David Mareschalchi – Essex County Sheriff’s Department

The Fire Advisory Board meeting was called to order at 8:52AM.


At the request of the Chair, the meeting proceeded out-of-order to allow for the Share-Point presentation.


Members of the Essex County Sheriff’s Department conducted a presentation of the Information Sharing Network, or Share-Point to the Board.  This tool will be utilized by the advisory boards for the sharing of information and communications relative to the RECC.  There is a dedicated section in Share-Point specifically for the RECC along with a subsection for the Fire Advisory Board.  

The presenters reviewed procedures on how to log-on and navigate the site, along with a review of the basic functions of Share-Point.  Once established, the Board will receive alerts for meeting notices and other pertinent information.  An information booklet was distributed and questions by the Board were answered by the presenters.  

MOTION:  Chief Brickett moved to approve the meeting minutes of April 12, 2011 as written.  Chief Doucette seconded the motion.  Motion carried unanimously. 


Chief Giovannacci requested all members to review the Minnesota document that was distributed at a previous meeting.


Chief Brickett questioned the status of the other advisory boards, and Chief Giovannacci had no information to report.

Chief Giovannacci recently met with Tom Dubas and Joe McGowan and conducted a conference call with Kimball Associates to review technical/ connectivity questions.  Also, a grant for additional funding may be available.

Chief Giovannacci advised the Board that NERAC is moving the control point from Lawrence to Andover to utilize the latest technology.


Chief Giovannacci reported the construction project is still ongoing, with no new information to report.


A discussion of the upcoming requirement for EMD as defined by State E911 was outlined by Chief Giovannacci.  Mr. Frank Pozniak of State E911 spoke with Chief Giovannaci and stated that the communities contained in the RECC will be in compliance with the regulation.