Essex County Regional Emergency Communications Center
Fire Advisory Board

June 8th 2011

The Essex County Regional Emergency Communications Center Fire Advisory Board held a public meeting on June 8th, 2011 at Angelica’s Restaurant, 49 South Main Street, Middleton, MA.

Board Members Present:
Chief Ronald Giovannacci – Topsfield Fire
Chief Jonathan Brickett – Amesbury Fire
Chief Frank Twiss – Middleton Fire (Had to Leave Personal Reason)
Chief Paul Cotter – Beverly Fire
Chief Daniel Doucette – Essex Fire
Chief Robert Blanchard – Wenham Fire

The Fire Advisory Board meeting began at 8:55AM.


Chief Giovannacci called for a motion to accept, May Fire Advisory meeting minutes.

MOTION:  Chief Blanchard moved to accept the minutes as submitted. Chief Cotter seconded the motion, motion carried unanimously. 

Brief on RECC Center:
Chief Giovannacci talked on the process of Share-Point as the venue for communications.  He just wanted to confirm everyone on the Fire Advisory Board made contact with log-in and pass-words, all members confirm that was completed.  
APCO standards seem to be the direction for certification.  Bring present dispatchers up to this standard for EMD and dispatch would be a good direction to go.  Chief Brickett noted he had his complete organization at the APCO standard and has a train the trainer on his communication staff that would be happy to help other departments to meet this requirement.
Bidder’s Conference
Bidder’s Conference that was held at the Essex County Jail Complex was attended by Sheriff’s Office, DECAM, Advisory Chairs, six (6) contactors involved with the bid process.  This meeting was a site visit and overview of the process.  The projected ground breaking will be in the area of the third (3rd) week of August 2011.   

The CAD system process was awarded to Kimball Associates to write the RFP for the bid process.  As explained, they awarded to Kimball because of the direct involvement with the radio and equipment study they completed this past year.  They understand and feel that Kimball has much of the information needed presently to write the RFP
Kimball has identified three (3) major players in the software industry Sun® etc.  June 17th or around that time Kimball Associates will meet with the advisory boards to help identify the process.  They will also discuss with the Chairs of the three(3) advisory boards the posting process for the Director for the RECC.  This will also be conducted as a national search process.

New Business:

Upcoming meeting because of a possible future vote of the Essex County Chiefs to suspend monthly meeting for July & August 2011 will be as follows;

July 7th @8:30am Topsfield Fire Department
August 3rd, @08:30 Topsfield Fire Department

Chief Blanchard questioned if any other community was showing interest in entering the RECC.  Minor discussion from the Chair and members. 


MOTION:  There being no further business, Chief Giovannacci moved to adjourn the meeting at 09:30AM.  Chief Blanchard made the motion, seconded by Chief Cotter.  Motion carried unanimously.

Respectfully submitted,

Chief Jonathan R Brickett